Living with back pain can prove challenging, especially when the pain flares up. However, access to over-the-counter mediation has made some people falsely believe that they can soldier on through the pain as long as they ingest the right pain relievers. But this does not contend with the underlying issue. All it does is mask the actual pain and subsequently leave room for the root cause to become aggravated. If you want permanent relief, it is crucial to determine the primary cause of the back pain and seek medical intervention as soon as possible. This piece illuminates if the source of your back pain mandates a visit to a health care clinic.

Your back is not receiving sufficient support

Your back is constantly in use. When sitting, standing and even lying down, the wrong positioning of your back will lead to improper positioning of your spine, muscles, tendons and ligaments all located in this area. Therefore, whatever you are doing throughout the day, you need to ensure that your back is receiving adequate support. When you are standing or even sitting all day without lumbar support, you are likely to develop back pain. If this is the source of your discomfort, adjusting your habits should resolve the issue without medical intervention.

You have a herniated disc

Your spine comprises of vertebrae, which move when you adjust your spine. In between each vertebra is a disc that functions to prevent any friction between the bones. The discs also have the responsibility of absorbing shock so that your vertebrae are not negatively impacted. Nonetheless, a disc can slip on occasion. This typically occurs when the outer layer deteriorates over time due to age. The slip can also happen if you are advanced in age or have attempted to lift something much heavier than you are accustomed to or if you have positioned your vertebrae awkwardly. A herniated disc is extremely painful and will require medical intervention in the form of chiropractic manipulations. Anti-inflammatory medication in the form of the non-steroidal variety will also be prescribed.

You have strained one or more muscles

The third reason why you could be suffering through back pain is if you have unknowingly strained one of the muscles. Straining occurs when you have positioned your back improperly. Hence, you could wake up with back pain due to sleeping in an uncomfortable position or after you have engaged in heavy lifting. If the straining was excessive, you may have also torn a ligament, which will contribute to the excruciating pain. As long as the onset of pain was sudden, you should visit a health care clinic to diagnose the source.